BREAKING NEWS - Friday August 13th 2010

"Blood is pouring from the sky: We
going to drown. I see a river of bodies. I see a town of ghosts," cries a seven-year-old boy as he is admitted into Stepstone Memorial Hospital.

Buck Ed Berry for The Stepstone Bee
Details are still sketchy as this strange story unfolds, but initial reports by Forest Service officials confirm that an incident occurred in Winslow involving the entire town—an apparent plague of madness has struck both animals and residents. The cause remains undetermined. Blogs dedicated to extraordinary phenomena have erupted with conjecture as to the source of this bizarre epidemic of madness. Theories posted include an insanity virus, demonic possession, mad cow disease, a CIA experiment, mass hysteria, even an alien invasion. However, we at the Bee refuse to propagate speculation and will report only the facts as soon as they come to light. What we can tell you is that incredible stories of lunacy, ghosts, witch hunts, and a creature lurking in the woods are traded in whispered tones, though no one seems willing to confirm what actually happened here. Sheriff Riley Washburn has begun the difficult... [See Madness page 3]

A duck found floating dead
in the pond at Prospect Park.
An apparent victim of the
mysterious plague of madness in Winslow, Washington.

Salmon Fisherman Attacked by Black Bear
Meredith Brady for The Stepstone Bee,
August 13, 2010
Local fisherman Joe Farcus had a treacherous encounter with a black bear while salmon fishing on the Lamprey River early Friday morning. “I’d just landed a Coho when out of nowhere something bashed me upside my head,” Farcus said. He was knocked clear to the ground by a large, hungry black bear. “When I realized it was a bear I just lay there hoping he’d eat the fish and leave me alone.” But the bear had other ideas—after finishing the salmon, he went after Farcus' cooler and a ham and Swiss on rye... [See Bear page 6]

Local Stepstone man lucky to be alive after bear attack

The fine print: THE WINSLOW INCIDENT is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.
THE WINSLOW INCIDENT is inspired by historical accounts of entire villages gone mad including:
The Mass Hallucinations in Pont-Saint-Esprit, The Salem Witch Trials, among others. SEE: Historical Accounts of Remarkable Events
All information on this website about Winslow, Washington, especially this page, should be taken with a grain of salt.
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